Pain Management

Chronic pain resulting from illness or injury can make you exhausted, irritable, and take the joy out of life. Your energy and time can be overwhelmed with efforts to get rid of pain. Using the power of your mind and the connection between mind and body, you can reduce your pain, reduce your reliance on medication, and live a full, satisfying life. Chronic pain management is not about getting rid of pain, it’s about learning to manage it, feel a sense of mastery, and to live with it, and live well.

Health Psychology
A new diagnosis or coping with ongoing illness, whether it’s diabetes, cancer, HIV, etc., can be a lonely challenge. You don’t have to go through it alone. We’ll work together to understand your illness, and cope with regimens and medications.  At the same time we will always be looking for ways to build your emotional resilience, and keep looking for those moments of happiness, beauty and joy that still exist – no matter what.  This often means involving family and loved-ones in learning how best to support you.  If you’re feeling all alone, it’s important to create meaningful connections so you’ll have the support you need. It’s rough journey; you don’t have to be alone.

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