Payment Options

Forms of Payment Accepted

  • Online Payment:
    • You can now pay online. Please CLICK HERE
      A new window will pop up with my secure payment form.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover
  • Cash
  • Personal checks


  • My fees have remained relatively low and reasonable in order to provide clients with the ability to complete whatever therapeutic process they require.
  • Fees vary based upon
    • length of session (brief, standard, or extended)
    • type of service (therapy or testing)
    • location of service (my office, your home, or child’s school)
  • Please contact me for further information.


  • If you have PPO insurance, you can still use your benefits to see a psychologist who is not on your panel.
  • Many clients are surprised to find that the difference between seeing an in-network “general psychologist” versus an out-of-network psychologist with specific expertise may be as little as $20 per session.
  • I urge clients with insurance to call their member services to educate themselves regarding their out-of-network benefits.
  • Clients with insurance will be provided with all the documentation necessary to file a claim for reimbursement.
  • Clients who have filed claims have been successful in being substantially reimbursed for psychotherapy and psychodiagnostic testing.
  • Coverage and reimbursement rates for psychodiagnostic testing, however, vary considerably.  I will be happy to help you understand the process, and arrive at an estimate of your costs.
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