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Parenting Therapy West Los Angeles | Dr. Perri ZinbergParenting Therapy West Los Angeles | Back-to-School – Child Testing

While most parents feel some relief as their children go back to school, for parents of children who have problems with learning, attention, anxiety, mood regulation, or behavior, it can be a double-edged sword. In addition to anticipated relief, there is also considerable worry: Will my child have a teacher that understands her? Will he have the same problems with peers as last year? Will the school provide accommodations to help my child succeed? As a parent, if you can anticipate that the beginning of the year may be a little rocky, you can help preserve some peace of mind. Introduce yourself to your child’s teacher. If your child has been given a diagnosis (like ADHD, OCD, Asperger’s, etc.) don’t be afraid to talk to the teacher about it at the beginning of the school year. Parents often fear stigmatizing their child by doing this, which is understandable – but not helpful. It helps teachers when they know ahead of time that there might be issues they need to take into account. Your child’s behavior will eventually come to light; it’s best if the teacher is prepared. The teacher can help set up your child for success, but only if he or she knows what’s really going on.

If you suspect that your child has learning or emotional problems, and you’ve not had an assessment completed, don’t wait. A thorough assessment should let you know how your child is doing cognitively, academically, and emotionally. If there’s a problem, and assessment can point the way toward remediation; if there isn’t a problem, your mind will be eased. Either way, testing can help give you insight into your child’s abilities, and provide a roadmap for the future.

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