Holiday Weight Management Tips | Managing Dessert!

Here is some great holiday weight management information. Don’t binge or overinduldge, gain self-control of your overeating.

What are your favorite treats during the holidays?

I love pecan and pumpkin pies.  It would be very easy to overindulge, especially as these two are everywhere right now!  Something I do that makes it easier to avoid bingeing or overeating is to actively remind myself that I can have what I want, and that if I indulge without going overboard, there won’t be significant consequences to my waistline.  So… in addition to never going to a party hungry, think ahead. Include dessert in your plan for the meal and skip or limit those things that mean less to you.  If you like pie or cake better than stuffing, keep your stuffing portion very small; maybe skip the sweet potatoes, or have a very small taste.

Give yourself time after eating the meal.  Remember: it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re full. Then, have a small piece of what you want, and savor it.  The first three bites of something are the best; that’s when you really taste everything.  After the first three bites, your taste buds are saturated, and you don’t fully experience the entire flavor. So really enjoy each bite, tell yourself you’re finished, remove the plate, and get up from the table.  Acknowledge to yourself that you have just accomplished an act of self-control; notice how good it feels to have an absence of guilt, and to not feel overstuffed. Go and enjoy your time with your family and friends!

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